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Storytelling & Influencing​

Art of Storytelling in Business Presentations

Craft convincing messages by applying storytelling techniques in our everyday business communication. You will learn how to develop concise content, build the right context and develop a story framework to enhance the effectiveness of your presentations, email writing and meeting conversations. 

Mastery in Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Deliver impactful presentations using TED techniques, where you will learn how to captivate your audience using body language and voice control skills to largely enhance your communication effectiveness and presence. This workshop will help you build an empowering mindset for public speaking and take your presentation skills to the next level.

Effective Influencing & Stakeholder Management (Personal Selling)

Enhance client/stakeholder engagement by learning effective selling and influencing techniques such as rapport building and creating a pitch. You will learn how to adopt a consultative selling approach by forming customised selling stories and convert rejections into opportunities.

Strategic Negotiation Management

Effectively handle everyday negotiations with partners and colleagues by exiting zero-sum games and adopting a win-win mindset. In this workshop, you will learn how to conduct scenario analysis, probe information, exchange priorities and package deals to maximise the output of your negotiations. 

Effective Confrontation Management

Learn how to disagree in an agreeable way, where you can leverage on language framing techniques to reduce friction during meetings, and also develop our communication EQ to convert potential conflicts into constructive conversations to increase our work effectiveness.

How to run effective Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings have become part of our daily lives, and we constantly face the challenge of how to better engage our participants during these sessions. In this workshop, you will learn key components for driving an effective virtual meeting, including pre-meeting preparation, how to keep your audiences engaged and participating throughout the session plus critical virtual etiquettes. 

Making Impactful Virtual Presentations

Being able to create an impact in a face-to-face presentation is one thing, yet being able to create the same impact behind a camera takes a completely different set of skills and techniques. In this workshop, you will learn how to become an effective communicator during virtual presentations, and also technical skills including camera angles and audio arrangement to boost your online presence and streaming quality.

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