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LEADERSHIP Transformation

Building High-Performing Teams: From Managing to Leading

Transform “Managers” into more inspirational “Leaders” by developing a new mindset that focuses on creating an empowering vision, building a talent pipeline, establishing effective communication channels and also cultivating a positive culture that motivates and empowers their staff.

Effective Performance Feedback: Art of Coaching Leadership

Apply coaching principles and techniques in your management style to create trust and a stronger bonding with your staff. Participants will learn the essentials of becoming an effective coach, and how to apply coaching techniques in everyday communication to unleash the potential of their staffs.

Strategic & Critical Thinking: Effective Decision-making

To cope with the ever changing market environment, it is essential to think strategically and critically to make effective decisions as a leader. This workshop will help to broaden our perspectives with concepts like 4-Dimensional Thinking, trend impact analysis and ROI mindset etc. to enhance our ability to make quality decisions as a leader.

Change Management: Sustainable Transformation

Change management is one of the most challenging tasks in management, and it involves building an eco-system and strategic plan that facilitates transformation. In this workshop, leaders will learn the critical elements for changing the mindset of a team, and how to install new behaviours and cultures to make changes sustainable. 

Building your Executive Presence 

Executive Presence is one of the most important factors for leaders to establish trust and their credentials within the organisation. Learn how to develop your own presence as an executive to enhance our capacity for stakeholder management and effective influencing.

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